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Broader surveillance necessary for bird flu pandemic prevention: study
Vaccine for babies' stomach flu wins US approval
Relaxation help reduce stress
Kids advised to get enough calcium, exercise for stronger bones
WHO calls for global efforts to combat cancer
Vaccine against children diarrhea wins FDA approval
South Africa identifies skin-worm in northwest region
Malaysia sends virologists to study suspected JE cases
Dioxin-contaminated meat still stays on shop in Belgium
8 mln children born with birth defects annually
China making headway in battling TB: health official
25,000 sicklers born in Uganda yearly
Eye operation disaster brings stern warning from ministry
Lung cancer favorites black smokers: study
FDA approves Pfizer drug treating stomach, kidney cancer
Secondhand smoke may increase risk of breast cancer
China reports 70,000 new HIV infections in 2005
DuPont vows to eliminate controversial Teflon chemical
Drug used in heart surgery now found too risky
China extends free treatment to leprosy-inflicted disabled persons
Carbon monoxide poisoning more dangerous than thought
Govt to adopt regulation on HIV/AIDS prevention, control
Canada's new mad cow case draws mixed reactions in US
Radiation meant for pain relief may cure lung cancer
10th human H5N1 infection reported
No link found between handset use, brain tumours
US economy benefits from obesity?
Mutations of bird flu virus detected in Turkish sample
New Dengue fever case reported in HK
WHO confirms 2 bird flu deaths from Indonesia
Meningitis kills 11 people in northeastern Uganda
China's 8th human bird flu patient recovering
Intensified measures called for to prevent bird flu outbreak in HK
Red wine found to be good against flu
Healthcare insurance options target expatriates
Black-box warnings to be required for 2 eczema drugs
Old habit may destroy surgically acquired new face
Indonesia: toddler's death linked to bird flu
2 Eczema creams required to carry new cancer warnings
Face transplant patient smokes again
Herbal leaves stand for harmony between man and nature
US drug package inserts to be updated.
China Exclusive: WHO official calls for good preparedness for bird flu
Ginger good for nausea and vomiting
Aspirin prtoects women from stroke, men from heart attack
Wanna keep healthy? Watch good comedy!
Health workers sent to mid-western Nepal to check influenza spread
Two million Zambians affected by Bilharzia
No joke: Laughter may be the best medicine
Regular exercise helps delay dementia: study
TV in bedroom halves sex life: study
1st obesity surgery center opens in Shanghai
Doctors advised to drop anti-flu drug
Scientist finds link to virus infection
Girl's death possibly linked to bird flu
China launches remote cardiovascular monitoring system
HK to attend world meeting on bird flu
Average life expectancy reaches 68 in Guizhou
First leukemia children's hospital comes into being
South Africa excludes gay from blood donation
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