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Telephone Appointment(2)


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    Dialogue Two (make an appointment for one's family member)


    Mrs. Lee: Can I speak to Dr. Johnson, please?


    Dr. Johnson: Yes. This is Dr. Johnson speaking. What can I do for you?


    Mrs. Lee: Oh. This is Mrs. Lee. Please help me, Dr. Johnson.


    Dr. Johnson: What's the matter with you, Mrs. Lee?


    Mrs. Lee: Oh, no, it's not me. My son Bill is sick.


    Dr. Johnson: What's wrong with Bill?


    Mrs. Lee: He has red spots on his arms, on his shoulders…


    Dr. Johnson: Does he have red spots all over his body?


    Mrs. Lee: Yes, he does.


    Dr. Johnson: Does he have a fever?


    Mrs. Lee: Yes, he does. This morning his temperature was 39 degrees in centigrade.


    Dr. Johnson: Well, that's too bad.


    Mrs. Lee: What's wrong with Bill? He cried all day long. I just can't stop him.


    Dr. Johnson: He has the measles.


    Mrs. Lee: Measles? Oh, dear. Can you come and see him now?


    Dr. Johnson: I' m going to have an operation this morning. But I can come this afternoon.


    Mrs. Lee: Thank you, Dr. Johnson.


    Dr. Johnson: Remember, you must keep him from scratching the spots.


    Mrs. Lee: No, no. I won't let him do that. See you then, doctor.


    Dr. Johnson: Goodbye.


    spot n. 斑点

    shoulder n. 肩膀

    fever n. 发烧,高烧

    temperature n. 温度

    centigrade n. 摄氏

    measles n. 麻疹

    operation n. 手术

    scratch vt 抓,搔



    all over one's body 周身,全身

    39 degrees in centigrade 摄氏39度

    all day long 整天,一天到晚

    have an operation (on sb) 动手术

    keep sb from doing sth阻止,防止


    Sentence Patterns

    Can I speak to Dr. Johnson, please? 请问约翰逊大夫在吗?

    What's the matter with you? 你怎么啦,李太太?

    What's wrong with Bill? 比尔哪儿不舒服?

    I' m going to have an operation this morning. 今天上午我得给病人动手术。

    Remember, you must keep him from scratching the spots.


    相关单词 (人体部位 第二部分)

    Related Words (Human Organs part two)

    neck 颈部

    windpipe 气管

    gullet 食管

    shoulder 肩膀

    armpit 腋窝

    nipple 乳头

    chest 胸部

    navel 肚肌

    abdomen 腹部

    private parts 阴部

    pudendum 女外阴

    back 背

    waist 腰

    hip 臀部

    buttock 臀部

    collarbone 锁骨

    rib 肋骨

    backbone 脊骨

    shoulder joint 肩关节

    shoulder blade 肩胛骨

    breastbone 胸骨

    elbow joint 肘关节

    pelvis 盆骨

    kneecap 膝盖骨

    bone 骨头

    skeleton 骨架

    sinew 腱

    相关短语Related Phrases

    be fully engaged 日程安满,没有空闲

    as early as possible 尽早

    spare sb a few minutes 给某人抽出点时间

    operate on sb 动手术

    run a temprature 发高烧

    stop somebody from doing 阻止某人做某事

    day and night 夜以继日


    Related Expressions

    Dr. Johnson is fully engaged today.


    Anytime this week except Wednesday will be all right for me.


    Would 2: 00 tomorrow afternoon be convenient for you?


    That suits me perfectly.


    Would you schedule the diagnosis as early as possible?


    Can you spare me a few minutes this afternoon?


    Dr. Johnson will be expecting you at 9: 00 a. m. in his office.


    Can you make it any other time the day after tomorrow.


    As the appointment book indicates, Dr. Johnson will be free only on the morning of the 5th.

    从预约簿来看,约翰逊大夫只有在10 号上午有空。

    I wonder if I could come to see Dr. Johnson this afternoon?


    Can you come here tomorrow morning at 10:00 ?


    I'm afraid Dr. Johnson is occupied this afternoon.


    Will you be free the day after tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.?