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In India, you may NOT kiss the bride

以色列情侣印度结婚 接吻拥抱犯法遭罚

http://www.100md.com   2005-9-23

     India may be the land of the Kamasutra, the ancient treatise on sex, but public displays of affection remain strictly taboo in the country's hinterlands, as an Israeli couple found out.

    They were fined 500 Indian rupees ($11) each for embracing and kissing after getting married in a traditional Hindu ceremony in the northwestern Indian town Pushkar, the Asian Age newspaper reported Wednesday.

    The Israeli Embassy in New Delhi confirmed the incident and identified the couple as Alon Orpaz and Tehila Salev, who decided to get married while visiting India. The embassy did not provide additional details.

    The couple had decided to have a traditional Hindu marriage while visiting Pushkar town earlier this month in the temple-studded desert state of Rajasthan.

    But they infuriated the priest as they started to kiss and embrace while he was chanting vedic hymns.

    The priest, along with other Hindu holy men, complained to police, who filed charges against the couple. The court in Pushkar gave its verdict Tuesday.

    The Asian Age newspaper said Hindu priests were outraged.

    "We will not tolerate any cultural pollution of this sort," Ladoo Ram Sharma, president of an organization of Hindu priests in Pushkar, said.

    Pushkar has a famous temple dedicated to Brahma and is popular with foreign tourists who come for its desert ambience, camel safaris and annual camel fair.

    India has tough obscenity laws and kissing in public is frowned upon in the largely conservative country. Last October, local residents in the western state complained to authorities that a group of Israeli women had danced naked near Pushkar.












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    treatise: a written composition on a particular subject, in which its principles are discussed or explained(论文,论述)

    taboo : excluded from use or mention(禁忌的,忌讳的)

    infuriate : make furious(激怒)

    safaris: an overland journey by hunters (especially in Africa)(旅行)