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Whatis a black hole?

http://www.100md.com   2004-6-27 chinadaily
     If you put enough matter (1) in one small place, it creates a black hole(2), a gravitational field (3)so intense that nothing, not even light, can escape from (4) it.

    A black hole is an extremely weird object. Its intense gravitational field changes space and time in fundamental ways. Each black hole has only three measurable properties (5) : mass (6), electrical charge (7), and rotational momentum (8).

    Most astronomers now believe that there is a stupendously huge black hole in the inner core of our galaxy, billions of times heavier than the sun. It spins (9) in the center of a rotating whirlpool (10) of hot gas and dust, slowly sucking (11) it in.

    (1) 物质

    (2) 黑洞

    (3) 引力场

    (3) 密集

    (4) 从……逃脱

    (5) 明显的 组成部分

    (6) 质量

    (7) 电荷

    (8) 旋转动量

    (9) 快速旋转

    (10) 旋转的漩涡

    (11) 吸引